Ennio Alonso
Sales Associate
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Ennio Alonso
Sales Associate


I am a professional and well educated individual. I am married and have three children and three grandchildren. I have worked in the banking industry for over 30 years starting as an external auditor and am currently retired as an assistant vice president and credit officer of a large bank in the USA.

I was born in the Dominican Republic, an island in the Caribbean Sea where I have my roots. My family relocated to the United States in 1969. I have completed my high school studies in the USA and then i went back to the island to do my university studies. I graduated in 1978 with a Bachelor of Science degree in finance and auditing from a prestigious university in the Dominican Republic, then I came back to the USA and continued my university studies and obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in business administration from the Bronx Community College in the city of New York in 1990. I also attended Edison College in Naples Florida and graduated & licensed as a real estate sales associates in 2004. While I was working in the banking industry, simultaneously I was practicing real estate as a hobby. Now real estate has become my full time career.

I am a sports lover, baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis, fishing, boating, etc. Although my favorite is “baseball” as I used to play in the “short stop” position in my years of youth and the fact that baseball is the most popular and famous sport in the Dominican Republic, my place of birth.

My extensive experience in the banking industry as well as my studies in finance and business administration have given me the necessary knowledge to excel in the real estate sales business. I take pride, time and have the ability to take care of my customers, providing outstanding service while protecting their interests as well.

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